Freitag, 2. September 2011

What a day it will be!

What a day it´s gonna be,
when at last your captive heart beets free.
And all that is within you sings,
in heaven´s on harmony.

Sweet release from all your darkest fears,
the sound of laughter that´s been lost for years.
You´ll never cry another lonley tear,
as your sad heart finally, finally sings.

Halleluja, what a day it will be.
Halleluja, what a day it will be.

All those angel that you never seen,
watching over you behind the scenes.
Will at last have reached the goal,
presanting you resotred and whole.

Just watch the father laugh and smile,
lifting up his joyful child.
And hear the host of heaven sing,
in a sweet and soulful angel choir singing.

Halleluja, what a day it will be

Here and now in the in-between
we could write it off as an imposible dream.
But it´s more than a dream to me
´cause even now I can see enough to believe.

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